What To Expect When You Come

We're so glad you're considering stopping by to visit us at North Coast! Here's the answers to some common questions new comers might have prior to stopping by for a visit some Sunday morning…

What Is Your Worship Like?

We're a diverse family reflecting various ages, backgrounds, cultures, education and ethnicity, who are united due to the salvation we each found in Jesus Christ. Our worship style reflects our diversity by using both traditional and contemporary music - you will find us using classic hymns, Gospel songs, Scripture songs, and contemporary praise songs. Whatever the style, understand that we only will use  music that is biblically sound because true worship is a response to what God has revealed about Himself through His Word and what He has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

What Are Your Pastor's Messages Like?

We take the study of God's Word seriously at North Coast. We are convinced that the more we know from God's Word about His greatness, power, love, and character, the better we understand God's worthiness.  Our Pastor-Teacher Dr. Gary Kuhne teaches us the Bible each Sunday morning using a verse-by-verse expositional approach.  In fact, whoever is speaking at our church takes the Word of God seriously and focuses their messages on the scriptures.

What Should I Wear?

We have no "dress code" at North Coast - most dress casually at our gatherings, so wear whatever is comfortable for you; jeans, dresses, etc. Church should be the most authentic place in your life, so there's no need to try to be someone you're not. Come as you are and make yourself at home.

What Agenda Do You Follow On Sunday Mornings?

We meet at 9:45am for some coffee and fellowship prior to our service.  At 10:00am we begin our Sunday Morning Service, with singing, scripture reading, group prayer, and Bible teaching.  Our Pastor-Teacher Dr. Gary Kuhne teaches us the Bible through verse-by-verse exposition. We are normally done by 11:30am. We have an extended coffee fellowship following the service for those that can stay longer.

What About The Kids?

We have a nursery running throughout the morning.  Generally the younger children stay with the church family throughout the first part of the service, then are dismissed during the Bible Teaching portion of our morning service to attend our Children's Church Program (children through 6th grade) in which they are taught the Bible in an age-appropriate manner.  Youth in 7th grade and above stay with the adults for the Bible Teaching.