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"The unfolding of Your Words gives light Ps. 119:130

The Bible Teaching Ministry Of Dr. Gary W. Kuhne

Below are some recent teaching messages by Dr. Gary Kuhne given during the Bible Teaching portion of our  Sunday Morning services, as well as some other messages that may interest you delivered at NCCF by Dr. Kuhne, the rest of the Pastoral Team, and other visiting speakers. Just click on the one you want to hear.  Be sure to click below to access more teachingtimes beyond the six listed on the first pages. 

By the way, if you find Dr. Kuhne's Bible teaching helpful, we  have available upon request more of his teaching on other portions of the Word of God. Please email us at this site if you wish to learn more about how to order such past teaching messages for your personal use.

Also remember that videos of some of Dr. Kuhne's teachings can be found at:



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01/17/2021Dr. Gary Kuhne More Lessons & Final Words
2 Timothy 4:16-22
Download 01172021.mp3
01/10/2021Dr. Gary Kuhne 4 Life Lessons For Disciples
2 Timothy 4:9-15
Download 01102021.mp3
01/03/2021Dr. Gary Kuhne Paul's Evaluation Of His Life and Ministry
2 Timothy 4:6-8
Download 01032021.mp3
12/27/2020Dr. Gary Kuhne Divine Maneuvering
Luke 2:1-7
Download 12272020.mp3
12/20/2020Dr. Gary Kuhne The Incarnation
John 1:1;14
Download 12202020.mp3
12/13/2020Dr. Gary Kuhne The Pastor-Teacher's Job Description - Part 3
2 Timothy 4:1-5
Download 12132020.mp3

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